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So you bought a lot now what? We can help you get started with the house of your dreams, and make it affordable too!  Lucas Real Estate ensures is committed not only to getting your dream-land in Belize, but also making life here the most enjoyable one.

We help you build your house from start to finish, finding the right design, the most professional contractors and top-of-the-line finishers.  We believe that every customer that comes our way places their trust in us, and so we must ensure that they are fully satisfied in every sense of the word.

Lucas Real Estate will help you build your home just the way you dreamed it.



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Lucas Real Estate and Company limited is your one stop for authentic Real Estate deals.  We ensure that you can get the best property for your needs, and that you can walk away 100% satisfied.  We take care of the paper work, logistics and strive to make buying and living in Belize the most incredible experience possible.
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