About Lucas Real Estate

Ceasar D lucas, born and raised in the Cayo District  launched Lucas Real Estate in 2011 out of the grass roots needs of the local real estate market. That is, documentation and land sales tend to be a bit tricky within the country; Ceasar, having intricate knowledge of how it all works, utilized this knowledge to help both Belizeans and foreigners get their land business done as efficiently as humanly possible.

Lucas Real Estate believes in affordable pricing with exceptional customer service 24/7. Authentic and transparent service from start to finish; from  brokering your deal, preparation and registration of various documents (land surveying, transfer of lands, charge/discharge of charge, will etc.) to managing every step of construction on properties, and vehicle rentals ((for ease of transportation throughout Belize)) ((to conduct business in Belize)); we are committed to your comfort and content.

Don’t see your dream property? Give us the details and we’ll find what you’re looking for.

Honesty, reliability, confidentiality, and professionalism: Lucas Real Estate.

  • Reliable and Timely

  • Superb knowledge of the local market

  • With you every step of the way

  • Constant progress updates

Ceasar Lucas
about us
Lucas Real Estate and Company limited is your one stop for authentic Real Estate deals.  We ensure that you can get the best property for your needs, and that you can walk away 100% satisfied.  We take care of the paper work, logistics and strive to make buying and living in Belize the most incredible experience possible.
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